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          ProductName:353130B OIL SEAL
          AddTime:2013-01-29 16:30:36

          353130B OIL SEAL

          Times Rubber Products Co. Ltd of Zhangjiakou is the first designated enterprise by Railway Ministry for producing bearing oil seal used in cargo train. They have provided oil seals for railway industry for more than 30 years, for instance 197726 bearing oil seal, 197726 integrity oil seal, 197730 integrity oil seal, 352226X2-2RZ, 353130A, 353130B, 353132B, 35330D oil seal. Bearing oil seal for high speed train was developed for Wafangdian Bearing Corporation in 2010.
          In 2011 bearing oil seal for subway, couple accessory for cargo train will be developed for Luoyang Bearing Factory. They will be put into production by the end of 2011 and will be widely used for bearing sector and vehicle plants since then.

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